Turn-Key Projects

In addition to general hospital turn-key projects, we have developed specific turn-key projects for the laboratory, intensive care units, operating rooms and emergency rooms. The projects are designed to overcome the typical handicaps of the area with emphasis on product reliability, service, training of both service and medical personnel, full one-year warranty on parts and labor, and service contracts after warranty expires. Full consultation of each project between our customers, our staff of medical consultants in the specified areas makes true turn-key operational programs.


Completed Projects

  2016.Q2 Woodlands Hospital Complete CATH LAB
  2016.Q2 Mount St. John Medical Center Complete Radiology Department
  2016.Q1 Hospiten Montego Bay SIRONA Dental
  2016.Q1 Hospiten Montego Bay CSSD Department
  2015.Q1 St. Jude Hospital SIRONA Dental
  2015.Q1 St. Jude Hospital Radiology Department
  2014 Southern Medical Cath Lab
  2014 Peebles Hospital CSSD Department
  2014 Peebles Hospital (Ministry of Health) OR - Surgery Department
  2014 Peebles Hospital (Ministry of Health) CSSD Department
  2014 Milton Cato Hospital
  2013 Grenada General Hospital Oxygen Generation Plant
  2012 The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Cath Laboratory


Projects In Progress



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